Quantum Scalar i6000 Base Tape Library Control Module. Add Slots and Drives - LTO7, LTO8, LTO9


SKU: LSC6K-BL00-001C

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Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-7 FC LSC6K-ATDJ-L7BD

Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-8 FC LSC6K-ATDJ-L8BD

Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-9 SAS LSC6K-ATDN-L9BD

Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-9 FC LSC6K-ATDJ-L9BD

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Scalar i6000 Enterprise Library

Quantum Scalar i6000 LTO Control Module (CM3), no tape drives, 100 slot license, no expansion modules. Must order at least one tape drive.

Scalar® i6000 is an enterprise-class tape library with the industry’s best combination of capacity, security, and economy. A single unit can store up to 540 PB of data, and it scales using Capacity-on-Demand growth and slot-based pricing— scaling linearly with modules that conveniently fit in a 19” rack form factor.

Includes Control Module with 24-slot I/E Station, license for 100 cartridge slots and documentation CD. Ships with one 14ft (4.2m) L6-20/C19 and one 14ft (4.2m) IEC 309/C19 power cords. Does not include any expansion modules; all expansion models needed to provide additional physical slot capacity must be ordered separately. Does not include any tape drives but the CM3 can support up to 18 tape drives. Does not include barcode labels. Includes gen2 robotics and gen2 electronics. The library conforms to 19 inch standard rack footprint with service areas in the front and back (no service areas on the side needed). Scalar i6000 supports up to 528 I/E station slots, Dual Robot, and encryption (FIPS validated). Installation required. Ships in one crate.


 Download Scalar-i6000 Datasheet