Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-8 FC LSC6K-ATDJ-L8BD



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Quantum Scalar i6000 Tape Drive LTO-8 IBM FC LSC6K-ATDJ-L8BD

Quantum Scalar i6000 IBM LTO-8 Tape Drive Module, Full Height, 8Gb native Fibre Channel, Dual Port LTO8 tape drive capable of reading and writing to LTO-8 and LTO-7 media. For use with Scalar i6000 libraries.


  • Drive for Quantum Scalar i6000 Library
  • LTO-8 Tape Drive Module
  • Full Height
  • 8Gb native
  • Fibre Channel
  • Dual Port



Up to 50 cleans Read/Write Read/Write


Quantum Scalar i6000 and AEL6000 IBM LTO-8 Tape Drive Module, Full Height, 8Gb Native Fibre Channel, Dual Port
LTO-8 tape drive capable of reading and writing to LTO-8 and LTO-7 media; no LTO-6 media support. This tape drive is compatible with Scalar Key Manager and supported third-party library encryption key managers. Includes Ethernet Expansion Blade when required (every sixth tape drive added) and required Ethernet cables. Does not include path failover license, encryption key license or a 4Gb Fibre Channel I/O Blade. To upgrade this drive for path failover order LSC6K-ALAP-B05A or LSC6K-ALBP-A05A. To add an encryption key enabled license order LSC6K-AQK1-L4HA for Scalar Key Manager, LSC6K-AEK1-L4BA or LSC6K-AKM1-L4HA for supported third-party key managers. Tape drive installation and configuration (SSC6K-NTDX-000x) must be ordered.