Quantum Scalar i3 3U Base Tape Library. Add Drives - LTO7, LTO8, LTO9



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Quantum Scalar i3 LTO Tape Drive LTO-7 SAS LSC33-ATDX-L7NA

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Drive LTO-7 FC LSC33-ATDX-L7JA

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Drive LTO-8 SAS LSC33-ATDX-L8NA

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Drive LTO-8 FC LSC33-ATDX-L8JA

Quantum Scalar i3 25-Slot Capacity on Demand Upgrade License LSC33-ALSE-001A

Quantum Scalar i3 Advanced Reporting Option License LSC33-ALAR-001A

Quantum Scalar i3 Active Vault License LSC33-ALAV-001A

Quantum Scalar i3 3U Expansion Module, LSC33-AEXM-001A

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Drive LTO-9 FC LSC33-ATDX-L9JA

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Drive LTO-9 SAS LSC33-ATDX-L9NA

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December Special. 
Order a new Scalar i3 25-slot tape library with at least one drive and receive a 25-Slot Capacity on Demand Upgrade License (LSC33-ALSE-001A) for Free. 
to qualify, please order before 12/31/22.

Feel free to contact us if you need any help with the configuration or require to add software and/or tapes. 

The base unit ships without drives and has 25 active slots.

    The Easy, Efficient, and Scalable Tape Library

    Tape remains a popular storage choice for data backup and DR, long-term data retention, and unstructured data archives. Tape’s cost-benefit, durability, portability, and off-line protection from ransomware are among the reasons for its sustained popularity. As IT organizations wrestle with rapid unstructured data growth and the increased risk of ransomware attacks, along with the business realities of resource constraints, it’s critical for IT solutions to maximize efficiencies beyond just acquisition costs.


    The Scalar® i3 tape library is designed for ease of use from initial setup to ongoing management. The Scalar iLayer™ management software—proven to reduce management time and improve system uptime—has been fully refreshed for even greater efficiencies and a modern, intuitive user experience. Its mobile-first user interface design allows you to manage the library from anywhere with a network connection on virtually any device.


    With features like best-in-class storage density—providing up to 900TB  in just 3U and up to 7.2PB in the fully expanded 24U (native capacity with LTO9 tapes) —along with 80 PLUS® certified power supplies, Scalar i3 enables users to reduce their tape footprint and lower their power and cooling costs, ensuring savings on more than just the initial purchase.


    Scalar i3 simplifies growth management with a modular design and Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) scalability. It can scale cartridge slots from 25 slots up to 400—instantly— with CoD software licensing. And users can add read/ write performance as needed, with support for up to 24 tape drives. With the partitioning feature, Scalar i3 can provide data protection and archive in a single library as a valuable tool to address today’s IT challenges.



    User Interface:  Local touch screen; HTML5 remote management GUI with a mobile-first design for mobile, tablet, and PC support
    Connectivity Options: 8 Gb Fibre Channel and 6 Gb SAS Inventory (12Gb with LTO9)
    Speeds: Approximately 1 minute for typical configurations
    Firmware Updates: Customers can choose to have automatic checks for firmware updates to ensure the use of the latest library and drive code levels
    Configuration: Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)
    Library Partitioning: Supports up to 12 partitions Import/Export: Configurable, 0 to 25 slots in 5-slot increments for every module


    No. of Modules Form Factor  Maximum Slots Maximum Drives
    1 (1 CM) 3U 50 3
    2 (1 CM + 1 EM) 6U 100 6
    3 9U 150 9
    4 12U 200 12
    5 15U 250 15
    6 18U 300 18
    7 21U 350 21
    8 24U 400 24