Quantum Scalar i3 3U Expansion Module, LSC33-AEXM-001A



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 Quantum Scalar i3 3U Expansion Module

activate slots by adding one or two of LSC33-ALSE-001A

No Slot Licenses, No Tape Drives Includes one 3U expansion module. No slot license is included but contains 50 unlicensed slots. Maximum 50 licensed slots per module. Includes embedded Ethernet and internal module interconnect. Includes Bezel to support Ransom Block Feature upgrade option (LSC3A-AMAG-ST1A). No tape drives are included but supports up to three half-high tape drives. Does not include power supplies, power cables, Fibre Channel, SAS or Ethernet cables (not needed). If drives are added, one power supply (LSC33-APWR-001A) must be added. If redundant power is needed, add two power supplies (LSC33-APWR-001A). A maximum of seven expansion modules may be added to a library. Customer installable, but onsite expansion module installation (SSC33-NEXM-000x) is recommended.


No. of Modules Form Factor  Maximum Slots Maximum Drives
1 (1 CM) 3U 50 3
2 (1 CM + 1 EM) 6U 100 6
3 9U 150 9
4 12U 200 12
5 15U 250 15
6 18U 300 18
7 21U 350 21
8 24U 400 24