XenData X1 Gen2 Archive Appliance with LTO Thunderbolt-3 Drive


SKU: 237121

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The X1 Archive Appliance manages one or more LTO TB3 drives, creating an archive that can be accessed locally or via a network share. The X1 can also sync one or more locally accessible file systems to LTO. Additionally, it can be used to create drop-boxes on your network that automatically move files to the archive.

Includes a perpetual license for FS Mirror and Cloud File Gateway license to manage up to 1TB of cloud object storage. (Note that the cloud storage subscription is not included.)

Optional License Upgrade:
When used with a Dual LTO drive like this one.
XenData X1 software license to add support for an additional LTO drive.
PN: 237002 -  $995 

 The X1 Archive Appliance manages one or more LTO external drives and delivers powerful functionality in a small footprint.

The LTO drives connect to the X1 via Thunderbolt or USB. And if your LTO drive has a SAS port, it may be connected to the Thunderbolt port via an adapter.

The appliance runs Windows 11 Pro and connects to your network via 1 Gigabit ethernet or wireless. It is powered by the LTO Server Edition of XenData Archive Series: software that is trusted by some of the world's largest media and entertainment companies to manage their LTO archives. It also includes FS Mirror software – XenData’s software for synchronizing accessible file systems to LTO and the cloud – and Cloud File Gateway software for managing cloud object storage.

The archive volume appears locally as a single logical drive – the X: drive. And there are multiple ways to write to and restore files from it:

  • Share the X: drive over your network and write to it and restore from it like any disk-based share. It accepts all file types – from a Word doc to an MXF video file.
  • Use XenData FS Mirror to synchronize one or more locally accessible file systems or file shares to the LTO archive.
  • Use third party applications that integrate with XenData’s XML API to archive and restore files.

The included Cloud File Gateway is particularly useful for:

  • Creating an instant offsite copy of the files written to LTO. The cloud copy is created automatically using the built-in FS Mirror sync software.
  • Creating cloud backup copies of any accessible file system on your network. These are mirrored to the cloud using FS Mirror.

Key Benefits

  • Manages one or more LTO external drives
  • Network connection via 1 Gigabit ethernet or wireless
  • Runs Windows 11 Pro
  • Archive may be accessed locally or over the network as an SMB share
  • 1.92 TB SSD cache enhances performance
  • Manages an unlimited number of LTO cartridges and up to 2 billion files
  • Supports file transfers that span across cartridges
  • Automatic cartridge replication when using two or more LTO drives
  • Writes to LTO in LTFS or TAR
  • End to end logical block protection provides checksum verification
  • Provides tape contents and file search reports
  • Includes an upgradeable Cloud File Gateway license for managing cloud object storage
  • Tightly integrated with many complementary applications.

Warranty: 12 months, including remote system technical support, advanced exchange for the X1 and all software upgrades issued by XenData during the warranty period. 


Download X1 Gen-2 Brochure