UNITEX FASTapeLT for Windows



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UNITEX FASTapeLT for Windows

Support simultaneous copy to multiple LTO tapes
Secure your data copy by automatic verify function


Provides high-speed copy of large amounts of data such
as video data to LTO tape

  • Sequential job execution with simple operation
  • Simultaneous copy to maximum 4 media
  • High-speed copy by UNITEX unique algorithm
  • Confirm the exact match of copy data
    by Automatic verify function
  • LTO replication function
  • Job history management
UNITEX FASTapeLT Simultaneous copy explanatory diagram


Confirm the exact match of copy data by Automatic verify function

Enables selection from three verify modes per job

  • All file data + All file names/sizes
  • Some file data + All file names/sizes
  • All file names/sizes
Copy job screen

Simultaneous copy to maximum 4 media

You can make simultaneous copy up to 4 destinations. Enables any combination of LTOs and HDDs.

Simultaneous copying to up to 4 copy destinations is possible

Parallel job execution

Enables parallel job execution by starting multiple GUIs. Parallel execution is possible even with LTO tape device if each job is an input/output to a different LTO tape device.

Parallel job execution screen

LTO replication function

Enables to duplicate an existing LTFS format tape and create the exact same backup. Enables to manage the original tape and the replicated one.

LTO duplicate job edit screen

Job history management

  • Enables search for job execution history and confirmation of the detailed job result.
  • Enables to check not only job result but also copy/verify result per file/folder at Job history management window.
  • It is possible to use for confirmation of file consistency by checking MD hush value.
Job history management screen

Report of copy/verify result

  • Output the result of copy/verify as a report
  • In the report, not only information of the copy source and the copy destination but also the result of copy/verify and error information are recorded.
  • Each item of a report is as follows;

    [Job information]
    Job mode, Job name, and Verify mode are recorded.

    [Job result]
    Job result is recorded.

    [Job details]
    Copy, replication, verify source (or destination) information,
    and file/folder information are recorded.

    [Processing time]
    Records the start/end date&time of the job, and the
    processing time.

    [A list of processing result]
    Processing result per file/folder of target data, size, hash value,
    item name are recorded.
Copy and verify result report screen

LTFS hardware encryption*

  • Encryption option using the hardware encryption feature of the LTO drive
  • Hardware encryption function enables input/output of high-speed LTO tapes without slowing down the transfer rate.
  • Decryption is possible without using Unitex's software since the encryption is not by Unitex's unique algorithm.

  • *The LTFS encryption option license of "UNITEX FASTapeLT for Windows" is required to use the LTFS encryption function.
LTFS hardware encryption