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MyLTO™ for Mac 

myLTO® for Mac is an automated copy utility application geared toward media files. The
software takes advantage of the Linear File Transfer System (LTFS), developed by IBM and
supported by HP, Quantum, Tandberg and other tape drive manufacturers.
LTFS mounts a tape as a user defined read/write volume within the computer’s operating
system. This makes it possible to write and read from the tape as if it were a disk and save files
in their original format. It also makes myLTO hardware independent—you can use it with any
Ultrium® LTFS compliant tape drive (e.g. LTO-7, LTO-8, LTO-9).

With myLTO, you can easily create LTFS compliant archives across multiple hard disks or LTO
tapes simultaneously, utilizing custom folder naming and user-defined verification types in
Preset Mode.
Tape Index & Caching functionality eliminates the need to mount and spin your tape by loading
an index each time a new tape is detected. This allows you to easily view and retrieve your
tape's contents, while Optimized Retrieval minimizes unnecessary "shoe-shining" by fetching
the requested information in a single pass.
In Simple Mode, you can perform jobs with utmost simplicity. Just drag and drop your desired
locations and destinations, and myLTO takes care of the rest. With advanced auto-mounting
and unmounting capabilities, your archiving process becomes seamless from start to finish.
Say goodbye to cumbersome LTFS terminal interaction with Hassle-free Tape Commands. Gain
swift visibility into your device information and execute essential tape commands such as
Mount, Format, Recover, and Eject directly through myLTO.

myLTO Check-in simplifies your workflow by checking all the necessary tools needed to
kickstart your deck. Bundled LTFS eliminates the need to navigate complicated procedures for
downloading and installing manufacturer drivers, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
Job History allows you to access and browse past jobs effortlessly. Seamlessly explore
metadata and media information, and generate reports if needed. Aggregate Reporting takes it
a step further, empowering you to generate custom reports based on specific job ranges or
selections, facilitating collaboration and effective communication across your team.
Generate comprehensive PDF reports with ease, providing a snapshot overview of your
completed archive. Verify the accuracy of copied data at a glance and quickly share these
user-friendly reports with others.
System Requirements
OS Compatibility: Ventura (macOS 13), Monterey (macOS 12), BigSur (macOS 11), OSX 10.15*
*Requires LTFS drivers from LTO manufacturers. macOS 10.15 required to use a Custom
Installed LTFS

CPU: Intel & M1 silicon chip compatible
RAM: Minimum 4 GB | 16 GB of free hard-disk space recommended
NOTE: This is a single CPU application (may only be used on one computer at a time).

Compatible LTO Generations:
LTO9, LTO8, LTO7 tape drives
Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.
myLTOTM is a trademark of Imagine Products, Inc.
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