mLogic, 1U rack-mountable single LTO-8 drive, Thunderbolt 3, 6-bay Hardware RAID, Xendata 6 MRACKDIT-TB3-LTO8-XD



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mLogic, 1U rack-mountable single LTO-8 drive, Thunderbolt 3, 6-bay Hardware RAID, Xendata 6 MRACKDIT-TB3-LTO8-XD

Marketing Information

mRack DIT LTO-8 is a 1U rack-mountable hybrid RAID and LTO-8 tape archiving solution designed to support today's digital workflows. Copy camera cards to high-speed RAID for online editing and then archive the raw footage and completed projects to LTO-8 tape to safeguard the media for the long term. mRack DIT LTO-8 features four Thunderbolt 2 ports and connects to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac or PC. Add up to six spinning or solid-state drives for integrated hardware RAID functionality. Archive assets to the onboard LTO-8 drive which provides up to 12TB of data storage per cartridge. LTO has a shelf life of 30+ years and is the most cost-effective storage medium on a cost per TB basis. mRack DIT ships with a simple drag and drop Linear Tape File System (LTFS) archiving and retrieve utility for macOS. To ensure that what you archive to mRack DIT is an exact replica of your source material, the utility utilizes xxHASH64 verification. Detailed Transfer Logs are also generated with every archive. Add six of your favorite hard drives or SSDs. mRack DIT supports drives up to 9.5mm in height. Setting up a RAID set is easy using the included utility. The dedicated RAID-on-Chip processor and onboard 512MB of DDR3 cache memory offload RAID processing from the host system, ensuring stable and high-performance data transfers.

Technical Specifications

  • 1U rack-mountable storage and archiving solution
  • Supports up to six 2.5" hard drives or SSDs (add your own drives)
  • Hardware RAID 0,1,5,6,10, 50 or JBOD operation
  • Integrated LTO-8 tape drive - Up to 12TB of storage per tape cartridge
  • Up to 300 MB/second data transfer rate
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports (dual Thunderbolt 3 buses)
  • Ideal for mounting in standard 19" racks or DIT carts
  • Mac OSX and Windows compatible
  • Ships with 6-bay drive enclosure, IBM LTO-8 tape drive, Universal Cleaning Cartridge and two Thunderbolt 3 cables


  • 1U rack-mountable SAS LTO with single or dual LTO tape drives
  • Up to 30TB* storage capacity per tape cartridge
  • Up to 750 MB/second* data transfer rate
  • Reads and writes to both LTO 7 & 8 tapes
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS) compatible
  • Designed to backup and archive content on Linux and Windows workstations
  • Also compatible with older "Cheese Grater" Mac Pros with PCIe slots
  • LTO tape has a 30+ years shelf life - Significantly longer than hard drives
  • Ships with LTO cleaning tape and SAS cable (SAS HBA optional)
    * with 2.5:1 compression 

1U SAS LTO-8 Backup & Archiving Solutions

mLogic's 1U rack-mountable SAS LTO's are affordable and easy to deploy backup/archive solutions designed for small to medium-sized businesses.  Users can keep their data secure on LTO tape cartridges that can be transported off-site for disaster recovery or long-term archiving.  mLogic 1U rack-mountable SAS LTO solutions are available in single drive and dual drive versions. Single drive units can be easily upgraded in the field to dual drive units.

LTO is unrivaled in terms of cost, reliability, portability and security and plays a critical role in data protection.  Any industry where vast amounts of data are being collected and stored – medical imaging, digital surveillance, oil/gas exploration and video production for example - can benefit from LTO technology. 

Drag and Drop Content with LTFS.

mLogic’s SAS LTO solutions are Linear Tape File System (LTFS) compatible. LTFS is an industry-standard format that mounts an LTO tape cartridge like a hard drive enabling simple drag and drop functionality for file backup and archiving. This eliminates the need for backup software and allows LTO cartridges to be exchanged easily between users, operating systems, and third-party LTFS software applications.  

Download the 1U SAS LTO-8 datasheet                                     

Interface:   6 Gb/s SAS
Tape Drive(s):   Single or Dual IBM LTO-8, LTFS Compatible
Drive Performance
Native / Compressed: 
  300 / 750 MB/s
Cartridge Capacity
Native / Compressed:
  12TB /  Up to 30TB
System Requirements:   Mac Pro, Windows or Linux PC with SAS HBA
  IBM LTFS or compatible backup/archive software
Size:   10.2 x 7.8 x 2.32"/ 259 x 198 x 59 mm
Weight:   Single Drive - 16 lb / 7.25 kg
  Dual Drive - 19 lb / 8.6 kg
What's in the Box?   1U enclosure with single or dual LTO-8 tape drives
  Fujifilm Universal Cleaning cartridge
  2 meter SAS cable(s) 
  Optional SAS HBA
  Power cord
Warranty:   3-years