MagStor NanoPure™ LTO9 Tape Cartridge, Pack of 10, NP-L9-10PK



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 MagStor NanoPure™ Certified Media

MagStor NanoPure™ LTO9 Tape Cartridge, Pack of 10, NP-L9-10PK

Please note, NanoPure™ LTO9 media comes pre-calibrated. This may save up to 2 hours calibrating each LTO-9 tape before first use.

What is NanoPure Media™?
NanoPure Media™ is premium LTO media certified via our patent-pending NanoPure™ process. The NanoPure™ process cleans, tests, and calibrates every cartridge before first use, allowing users of any tape hardware brand to guarantee they are using the highest quality, most error-free media available.
NanoPure™ is proven to perform faster and more reliably upon first use and reduce the impact new media has on the health of tape hardware systems. Each NanoPure™ cartridge is also part of the NanoPure™ Media Lifecycle Management (NMLM) solution.* NMLM enables the administrator to be proactively alerted to any changes in the health of the NanoPure™ cartridge after each use.

Why use NanoPure Media™?
NanoPure™ can assure the best possible performance and integrity of your tape backup hardware and media as a system. Experienced tape hardware owners know that new media has certain characteristics that can be detrimental to backup performance:
- New media is harsher on tape drives heads. When new media is used in a drive for the first time it is more abrasive to the surface of the drive head. This “green” media affect can contribute to scratches or other damage to the head surface, leading to early hardware failures.
- New media has higher error rates. New media has higher error rates due to normal issues when it leaves the factory. NanoPure™ media is tested to have 10-15% lower error rates then-new untested media. This leads to reduced error correction activity during first use and reduced backup times.
- New Media may not be new. NanoPure™ media is certified as new /unused. There is a grey market for used tape media, where vendors will sanitize the media and resell it, and not always represent the media as used. The NanoPure™ media process at the factory analyzes the cartridge for signs of prior use in the protected areas of the tape and the cartridge memory.
- New media can sometimes fail or can create a backup that is not reliable for reading in the future. NanoPure™ media is fully tested at the factory to meet specific performance characteristics to meet the standard required of NanoPure™ media. This reduces the possibility of backup failures on first use.
- Lifetime warranty, Lifetime support. NanoPure™ media is guaranteed for the life of the cartridge to original registered owners. Simply contact MagStor for an exchange should a problem occur.

What else should I know about NanoPure™ Media?

- NanoPure™ media is part of the NanoPure™ Media Lifecycle Management (NMLM) solution* NMLM enables the administrator to be proactively alerted to any changes in the health of the NanoPure™ cartridge after each use.
- The NanoPure™ Intelligent Diagnostic Cartridge™ helps diagnose media AND hardware problems. Within the NMLM solution*, when a backup job completes and the cartridge performance is below acceptable limits, the user will be prompted to run our NanoPure Intelligent Diagnostic Cartridge™ to further assess the health of the cartridge that was used along with the health of the tape drive itself. Our process helps the end-user conclusively identify if faulty media or tape hardware is creating excessive errors in the backup process.
- The NanoPure™ Media Lifecycle Management (NMLM) solution* offers superior protection for media and tape hardware when compared to competitive solutions from IBM or Quantum. Only the NMLM solution is designed to work on any brand of tape hardware, and only NMLM captures failures immediately when they occur.

*NMLM is only available for use within supported backup software partners and requires the use of the Intelligent Diagnostic Cartridge™ at an additional cost.

Download NanoPure Media Brochure 

 *The NanoPure cartridges come with barcode labels pre-applied with Sequence number starting at 000001 by default.  Please email us if you need a custom barcode configuration when ordering, so we can accommodate it.

*the pictures are for reference only and show a pack of 20 tapes.