MagStor M1000 LTO9 FC 8-Slot 1U Tape Library M1000-L9FC LTO-9


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      MagStor M1000-L9FC     


With 8 slots and a capacity of up to 144TB Native Capacity, The MagStor M1000 is the most economical mass storage available. Send data to secure, affordable, time-tested tape-media at up to 300 MB/s. Streamline your backup and archive solution at an unbeatable price.

MagStor Tape Libraries use a standardized driver for software communication making them compatible with almost every software package that supports LTO Tape Libraries. Rest assured that MagStor Tape Libraries will be compatible with your favorite TAR or LTFS software.


Tape is the most affordable media per terabyte and the reduced electrical footprint means your savings don't stop there. MagStor libraries use less electricity and generate less heat than JBOD and RAID solutions.

 30 Year Shelf-Life

Hard drives become a serious risk after 5 years and solid-state drives discharge when not powered for prolonged periods of time. Tape lasts 30 years with minimal environmental requirements.

 No Licensing

You buy the library, you own the library. You have access to every slot from day one. Our pricing transparency means you rest easy.


Up to 50 cleans Read/Write Read/Write

Specifications (LTO 9)

  • 8 slots
  • 2 magazines
  • 1 mail slot
  • 1 drive
  • FC
  • Maximum of 1.1 TB/hr (Native) 
  • Maximum of 144 TB Storage (Native) 
  • 3 Year Warranty

Shipping (in box)

H x W x D
20 x 24 x 40 in.
50.8 x 60.96 x 101.6 cm
53 lbs 
24 kg

M1000 library, Rackmount Kit, FC cable,
Power Cable, Manual, QuickStart Guide.