MagStor M-Series Add-On Drive LTO9 HH FC



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MagStor M-Series Add-On Drive LTO9 HH FC

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  • LTO 9
  • Half-height
  • Fibre channel
  • Expansion drive for the M-Series libraries

MagStor LTO Tape Libraries

MagStor LTO Tape Libraries are available in M1000 1U (8 slots), M2000 2U (24 slots), and M3000E 3U (40-280 slots).  M3000E is expandable giving users more customization control. Each library is sold with 1 drive. Send data to secure, affordable, time-tested tape-media at up to 300 MB/s. Streamline your backup and archive solution at an unbeatable price.

MagStor Tape Libraries use a standardized driver for software communication making them compatible with almost every software package that supports LTO Tape Libraries. Rest assured that MagStor Tape Libraries will be compatible with your favorite backup or archiving software.


Top tier price per terabyte. While the shelf life for HDD is a modest 5 years, users can rely on LTO’s longevity thanks to its 30-year shelf life.

3-Year Warranty

Have confidence in your equipment with our industry-leading 3-year warranty. A long warranty period paired with excellent customer support means you get help when and where you need it.

No Licensing

No hidden costs or fees. All slots in your device will be unlocked from the moment of purchase, allowing users to use the machine’s full capacity without tacking on extra expenses.

Lifetime Support,

Troubleshooting, & Updates

We care about your success. Choose the brand that prides itself on support. You can call, email, or chat with us on our website at any point after your purchase. Every future MagStor firmware update is free for MagStor customers.