MagStor 1U LTO9 Thunderbolt 3 Rackmount Drive RM LTO-9 TAA TRB3-1U-HL9



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 The first and only patented TB3 to LTO Tape Solution available.
 Why is this important?
Only MagStor holds the patent on Thunderbolt to LTO tape backup technology. Don’t risk your investment on potentially obsolete products from companies that don’t license the MagStor patent.
According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),  “patent protection means that the invention cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported, or sold by others without the patent owner's consent.”

 Comes with a Free license for Hedge LTFS software “Canister” for MacOS and Windows ($399 Value) with support for MagStor Certified NanoPure Media.   Let us know if you already have software or prefer using a different one and we can provide a discount instead.  



The MagStor TRB3-1U-HL9 1U Rackmount (RM) unit features one or two LTO9 (HH) Half Height tape drives connected via a Thunderbolt™ 3 / USB-C port as a convenient connection to your desktop MAC or PC computer.  

Thunderbolt™ 3 devices are fully backward compatible with previous generations of Thunderbolt™ technology.  We recommend the Apple MMEL2AM/A adapter with those using older Thunderbolt™ ports.  


   1x 18TB LTO9 (HH) Half-Height Tape Drive
☑   Add 2nd drive for TRB3-1U-HL9-DUAL configuration
   300 MB/s Read/Write Speeds
   30 Year LTO Media Archive Life 
   Standard 1U 19" RM
   2x Thunderbolt™ 3 Ports
   2x SFF-8644 SAS ports to daisy chain up to four SAS external devices 
   TAA Compliant (drives are made in Japan)
☑   Apple™ Certified
   Intel™ Certified

Technical Specifications


Two Thunderbolt™ 3 40 Gb/s interface ports allow connection to a MAC or PC with a Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible USB-C Port.


LTO9 (HH) Half Height Tape drive with up to 300 MB/sec native transfer rate per drive

 Data Cartridge:

Read/Write LTO9 data cartridge; 18TB native storage capacity
Read/Write LTO8 data cartridge; 12TB native storage capacity

 Power Supply:

100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 300W GOLD Rated auto switching

 Dimensions & Weight:

33 x 23 x 11 inches (L x H x W) / 24 lbs

Physical Dimensions:

431mm W x 476mm D

    Software Compatibility:

    • Hedge Canister (Included)
    • IperiusBackup
    • myLTO
    • PreRollPost
    • Retrospect
    • StorageDNA
    • Third-Party TAR based backup software, Acronis etc.
    • Veeam
    • YoYotta LTFS

       Supported Operating Systems :

      • MAC OSX 10.12 or higher 
      • Intel or M1, M2 CPU
      • Windows 10, 11

           MagStor TRB3-1U-HL9 includes:

          • MagStor Single LTO9 HH Tape Drive in 1U Rackmount Thunderbolt-3 Enclosure
          • Rack Mounting Kit
          • US Power Cable
          • Cleaning Cartridge
          • One 2 Meter MagStor (Intel Certified) Thunderbolt™ 3 Active 40 Gb/s cable

           A few things you should know about LTO-9 Media Initialization. 

          MagStor® is a registered trademark of MagStor Inc
          Thunderbolt™ 3 is a trademark of Intel
          MAC™ is a trademark of Apple

          Download  LTO Thunderbolt 3™ Drive Brochure.

          * The picture on top shows a dual drive configuration TRB3-1U-HL9-DUAL