IBM TS4300 Tape Library 3U Expansion Module, 6741A3F


SKU: 6741A3F

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TS4300 expansion module has the following characteristics:

The capacity of a base library can be increased by adding one or more expansion modules. Each expansion will add 40 slots of LTO cartridge capacity and can include an additional three half-height LTO drives or an additional one full-height drive plus one half-height LTO drive.

  • Cartridge capacity: expansion modules are configured to hold two removable magazines, one on the left side and one on the right side, holding 20 slots each for a total of 40 data cartridges. You may order additional magazines as optional features to ease import/export tape cartridges on a regular basis.
  • I/O station: The full group of five slots will be configurable as either import/export elements or as storage elements. This enables continuous library operation during import or export of data cartridges.
  • Media options: Uses LTO Ultrium® 9 Data Cartridge (5-pack)
  • Power supplies: Each module can run with a single power supply for nonredundant operation. An optional power supply will provide redundant operation. Power supplies will be hot swappable when two are installed in a single module.

    Levono PN: 6741A3F