Archiware P5 Backup2Go

P5 Backup2Go is the ideal tool to backup workstations – regardless of their location.

In the office, on the road or at home, P5 works cross-platform and allows mobile backups of laptops and desktops on central disk storage.

☑ Zero Administration
 Background process
 From anywhere
 Timeline restore

    Workstation Backup

    P5 Backup2Go can be installed and used within minutes.
    It lets the laptop initiate its own backup as soon as a connection to the server can be established.

    P5 Backup2Go tolerates interruptions during the backup process. If a workstation or laptop is shut down or loses the network connection, the backup process resumes automatically as soon as it comes back online. Partial backups are fully functional.

    The administrator can allow users to restore their own data, from a single file all the way to a full file system restore (only Mac). The intuitive browser-based interface lets you restore with a few clicks. The backup index is displayed as a timeline. Users can view their file's history and retrieve a backed-up version from days, weeks or months before.

    "Worked like a charm. Thank you as always for your excellent support. P5 and the support team alike are really great!" - Robert L.

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    Near-Zero management

    P5 Backup2Go runs invisibly in the background. Administrators can limit network bandwidth and CPU use. Workstation templates allow flexible configuration of open or closed backup policies. Small and large workgroups can be handled according to their specific needs. Scalability is easy since one template can be used by tens or hundreds or more workstations.

    Incremental backup

    Since files are continuously backed up, even during long out-of-office periods, the volume of data for each backup increment remains small. Hence, network and server loads are kept to a minimum.


    Files can be encrypted during transfer over a network and/or on the storage media. In addition, P5 also backs up access rights and ACLs of a file. The data is only unencrypted when restored to the workstation. This protects files against unauthorized access after a restore. Access to view a workstation's index of saved files is managed via group-based access rights.

    Combine for more security

    To achieve even better data security, combine P5 Backup2Go with P5 Backup to set up a disk-to-disk-to-tape workflow. Workstations will be backed up to a central disk storage, which in turn is backed up to LTO tape. Tapes are the cheapest and most secure media on the market and can be stored offsite for safekeeping.

    *P5 Version 5.5 discontinuation: backup repository on file systems that do not support snapshots (Apple HFS+, Windows NTFS, Linux EXT*, UFS)

    P5 Backup2Go can cover hundreds of workstations at very low cost per unit and with minimal administration.*