MagStor DUAL LTO8 HH SAS External Desktop Tape Drive 12TB LTFS , SAS-HL8-DUAL LTO-8 TAA SAS-HL8-DUAL



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Fujifilm LTO-8 Ultrium Data Cartridge LTO8 16551221

ATTO H1280 8 External Port 12Gb/s SAS/SATA to PCIe 4.0 Host Bus Adapter ESAH-1280-GBK

MagStor DUAL LTO8 12TB 12G SAS External Desktop 12TB Tape Drive LTO-8 TAA


The MagStor SAS-HL8-DUAL brings you the world's first DUAL external desktop IBM-based tape drive system with a 12G SAS interface.  Save time and money without the complexities of a library to backup/archive like a PRO.  Write two duplicate sets simultaneously or two separate media sets.  


  • 2x LTO8 6G SAS 12TB Tape Drives
  • 12G SAS SFF-8644 Connection / Tape Drives perform at 6G SAS 
  • Capacity (Native) 12TB
  • Read/Write Speeds (Native) 300 MB/s 
  • LTFS and TAR compatible 
  • 30 Year LTO Media Archive Life 
  • Built-in PSU, no bulky external power supply
  • TAA Compliant (Tape Drives Made in Japan)


Up to 50 cleans Read/Write Read/Write


Technical Specifications


One SFF-8644 12G SAS Interface, tape drives perform at 6G SAS each

    Tape Drive

    Two LTO8 Tape drives with up to 300 MB/sec native transfer rate

      Data Cartridge

      • Read/Write LTO8 data cartridge; 12TB native storage capacity
      • Read/Write LTO7 data cartridge; 6TB native storage capacity

      Power Supply

      100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz Auto-sensing

        Dimensions & Weight

        13.4 x 5.8 x 6.8 inches (L x H x W) / 19.7 lbs

           Software Compatibility

          • myLTO
          • StorageDNA 
          • YoYotta LTFS
          • Third-Party LTFS-enhanced archive/backup software
          • Third-Party TAR-based backup software, Acronis, etc.

          Supported Operating Systems for LTFS

          • MAC OSX 10.12 or higher
          • Windows 10

          System Requirements

          • Non-RAID 12G SAS HBA
          • LTFS will require a TLR-enabled 12G SAS HBA

          MagStor SAS-HL8-DUAL Includes

          • MagStor SAS-HL8-DUAL External Desktop Tape Drive
          • US Power Cable
          • 2 Meter SFF8644-SFF8644 Mini SAS Cable