TapeMaster-LX (1:1) One Master One Target 2U Tabletop or Rackmount Ultrium Standalone LTO Ultrium ATL Ready Tape Cloning & Migration Appliance TAA Compliant, Made in USA

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TapeMaster-LX (1:1) One Master One Target 2U Tabletop or Rackmount Ultrium Standalone LTO Ultrium ATL Ready Tape Cloning & Migration Appliance TAA Compliant, Made in USA 



  • Extremely fast cloning speeds exceeding 2TB per hour
  • Support all LTO Tape Types from LTO-1 to LTO-8 (ATL required)
  • Automatically migrate from one generation LTO to another
  • Independent of all OS, FS, Backup Software, Tape formats including LTFS
  • Best ROI by combining automation, ease of use and easy management
  • Clones or migrates up to 12 tapes without user intervention
  • Automatic scanning of barcodes and log generation after cloning
  • Clone or Verify operation (native or compressed)
  • Reduce cloning times by up to 90% when compared to off-the-shelf software


Round the clock cloning or migration

The TapeMaster-LX will migrate from older generation LTO to the latest Ultrium technology or clone any LTO tape with lights out operation. The user only needs to unload and reload on average once every 24-48 hours.

Easy Operation/Media Management

Place up to 12 source media in the left magazine with corresponding target media in the right magazine prior to initiating cloning /migration operation. Cloning operation includes user-selectable slot to slot or barcode to barcode.

Diagnostic Operation

TapeMaster-LX comes with a built-in self-diagnostic feature that checks system components and verifies all are in working order and can be run whenever the system is not processing a job. 

Unattended Cloning

Make a perfect duplicate of any LTO Tape type for off-site storage or to share with your client or colleagues across the country or around the world.

LTO Tape Forensic Duplication

The standalone TapeMaster-LX LTO Ultrium duplication device gives the Computer Digital Forensic Investigator the ability to make perfect copies of any suspect LTO tape at extremely fast speeds. All master tapes must be write protected before cloning or migration will start.

Applications For Various Markets

Just a few of the most popular uses and users of the TapeMaster-SA cloning and migration systems include content archive and distribution for Digital Cinema, Government Agencies (i.e. Navy, Army, Air Force, Aerospace), Medical Imaging (i.e. EMR, PACS, DICOM), Information Technology, Digital Forensics, Mining, Video Production, Oil/Gas Exploration, and Broadcast Industry.

Hostless Offline Operation

No need to run your backup a second time just to get a duplicate set. TapeMaster-LX runs independent of your backup server and does not require a computer or software and it is 100% standalone.

Two Levels of Verification

Automatically performs verification during the cloning process and has the ability to perform a secondary level of verification if the user requires.

Plug and Play Operation

As a "plug-n-play" solution, simply plugin, load tapes and select "CLONE" from the built-in LCD display.

Future Proof Your Investment

TapeMaster-LX is ready for your project today and for future projects as well with its easy to upgrade architecture.

Field Upgradeable Firmware

No need to ship your duplicator back to us to upgrade to the latest. TapeMaster-LX is upgradeable via a built-in USB port. A firmware file is only an email away.

Continuous Operation/Bad Tape Handling

TapeMaster-LX will automatically identify and isolate any defective LTO tape cartridge during operation and will not require operator intervention in order to complete the job.

100% Barcode Label Support

Built-in media scan and barcode scan feature ensuring you have an organized and painless workflow especially during your large projects.

Manual TapeMaster Systems Also Available

These units are portable enough to be shared within departments or can be easily shipped across the country for a project.


System Type

Standard 19” Rackmount (2U)

Supported Tapes

All LTO Types - Read/Write

Tape Interface Technology

6 Gb/sec Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)

Number of Tape Drives

Two - one for source and one for destination

Number of Master Tape Slots


Number of Target Tape Slots


Hard Disk Drive Included

None (not applicable for this device)

Volatile Flash Memory

16 Megabytes or more (RAM)

Non-Volatile Flash Memory

64GB (no user data permanently stored in device)


4 line by 20 character LCD with 6 push-button keypad

Supported Data

Independent of File Systems, Operating Systems and Backup Software Including All LTFS Formats


>2,000,000 MCBF (mean cycles between failures); Less than 5 minutes MTTR (mean time to repair)

Operating Environment

Temperature 10 °C to 38 °C (50 °F to 100 °F), Humidity 20% to 80% (non-condensing) and Maximum Altitude 3,048 m (10,000 ft)


30 lbs

Power Input Requirements

100 VAC / 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz

Power Consumption

Less than 500 Watts


One Year Limited